Thanksgiving Traditions

On Thanksgiving day, my mom wakes up early and starts cooking our turkey. Throughout the day we do a lot of cooking and cleaning. My sister and I peel potatoes to make mashed potatoes, my mom cooking the turkey, ham, and everything else we make for our dinner. Our full dinner usually includes:

  • Turkey wrapped in bacon
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Corn
  • Stuffing
  • Ham
  • Baked mostaccioli
  • Green beans and asparagus
  • Bread
  • Pumpkin and apple pie

Every year my aunt and uncle come over and join us for Thanksgiving. While we eat Thanksgiving dinner, we watch football and talk.  After dinner, my mom, sister, and I put up and decorate our Christmas trees, and decorate the outside of our house. At night, I go with my friends Black Friday shopping and we buy lots of clothes and shoes. The thing that I look forward to the most about Thanksgiving is being able to spend time with my family and having fun with each other. I am thankful for my family, my home, friends, dog, education, and for everything that I have in my life.

Current Positive News

In the article, “12-Year Study Of 3 Million People Finds That Having A Dog Adds Years To Your Life” it talks about how having a dog is very healthy and can add on years to your life and make you happier. In this article, it is definitely one sided due to the fact that it is giving information on how having a dog can increase your lifespan and how it is good to have one. What I found most positive about this article is that when living alone and having a dog, there is a 33% reduction in risk of death. This shows that having a dog makes people happier and can make the way they live better. Did you know that there is a higher risk for people that live alone to get cardiovascular disease? Having a dog can give a person someone to be with, give more exercise, and make them happier. Dogs are wonderful animals and should be in most homes because they are caring, and loving animals and deserve to have people love them. If you live alone and are possibly sick, you should get a dog to help you become a happier and healthier person. Do you agree with this articles topic that dogs can add years on to your life? If you have a dog, does your dog make you a better person and healthier?

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